When I first started designing, I would frequently engage in creative photo manipulations without a specific goal in mind. As I progressed, however, I began to neglect this practice. In retrospect, I realize that photo edits can be an excellent way to fuel creativity and keep design skills sharp and current. It allows designers to experiment with different design elements, such as color grading, composition, and typography, without the pressure of a deadline or client expectations. It’s also a great way to explore new techniques and tools while honing existing skills. Incorporating photo manipulations into the design process can ultimately lead to more innovative and unique design solutions. Therefore, it is essential to make time for creative experimentation and explore different avenues for inspiration.

Background on artwork created

This photo manipulation is of Joey Joyce a British heavy weight boxer who goes by the nickname the juggernaut renown for his durability and great endurance, which at times has been compared to a robot.

Joe Joyce
Please click on the image to preview a large scale version

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