South east champion

September 10th, 2017

I ventured down to the south east on England surrey specifically, which was a 230 mile round trip on the way back from the tournament I did have thoughts of regret of being the designated driver for such a long drive back. I suppose in the long run was all worth it as thankfuly it was another successful tournament where I won gold in the final, and fell short in the tag team at the end, but manged to walk away with a bronze medal, especially how my team was down to two men as the third man was unfortunately injured during his fight.

Endurance is lesson taken away from this tournament the ability to fight, and push at faster pace is really what will set me apart from the pack. This is certainly something I will look to work on over the forthcoming months by increasing amount of roadwork I do, especially how I plan on venturing back down to a lighter wight class more cardio will certainly help shed those extra pounds.

On wards and upwards the British championships is what I’ve got my sights locked on next.


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