Selling Stock Photos

July 3rd, 2017

I really enjoy the process of capturing photos through my camera, and enhancing those photos within Photoshop. My brother was recently admiring some photos that I took and  impressed by the quality of the imagery. This sparked the idea, to why not capture photos with the pure intention to sell via stock photography sites. I was always dubious of doing this, but deep down the rationale behind why wasn’t hesitant about doing so was, because the lack of confidence I had within my ability’s. I always thought the photos where decent that where captured, but never to a standard that would be accepted by a stock photography site let alone would some one hand willing would hand over their hard earned cash to purchase one of my photos.

I certainly believe a valuable lesson has been learnt here, well this applies to just life in general. You cant be scared of failing you have to be prepared step outside of your comfort zone and push your boundaries. Its better to fail than to have never have tried.

I’m slowly adding more and more photos, but only currently have a handful of Photos so far.  The long term vision and goal is to upload 100 photos, as well selling my photos across multiple stock photography websites.

Stock photos


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