A trip Greece some great photos and memories

November 6th, 2017

I recently spent some time travelling across Greece, and of course it would be rude of me not to bring a long my good old faithful cannon camera. Through out my time spent in Greece I created some great memories, and captured some amazing photographs.  I’m really pleased with outcome of the photography’s, which I  was able to capture.  I thought I would share the photos as blog post, as a great way to look back and reflect on my time spent in Greece. Now that normality has sunk back in, and its back to the grind stone. I’m so grateful that i’m in position where I can travel, and experience different parts of the world.

My photographs from Greece

Old Fortress, Corfu

old town corfu

Greek boat


Greece Flag

Greek Chicken

Chest nuts

Boats in Greece sea

Purple flowers

Boat sailing across island

Tree stump next to the ocean

Corfu museum of asian art

Mountains, buildings and boat docking

Misty sea with boat

Greek island

Old couple walking on beach

Old town and old fortress corfu

Old town

Old town corfu and mountains


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