This is a great blog post, which I have really enjoyed crafting together. I can easily say 2020 has been one of the most bizarre years. A worldwide pandemic, which has shut down the whole entire world. Pandemic or no pandemic I’ve have continued to publish some great content on my design blog Creative Nerds, which I have done so for well over 10 years.

This post I am, reflecting on some of my favourite post, which were published on Creative Nerds in 2020. I published 156 posts this year varying from high quality design resources to step by step design screencast, it is an exceedingly difficult task to cherry pick my favourite blog post from the year 2020. I hope you enjoy this post and don’t forget to have a look through Creative Nerds.

Coffee stain splashes free Photoshop brush set

This is a free authentic coffee stains photoshop brush set. This a great to apply realistic coffee stains to your artwork. Its a great brush set, which contains 5 unique brushes for you to choose from to see which best suits your design project.

Free Covid-19 themed icons

It truly is a heart breaking time we are all currently going through at the moment with thousands of people world wide loosing there life daily to the carona virus. Our great fiends over at Free Pik have put together a tremendous set of free Covid-19 icons perfect for carona themed artwork your design.

Futuristic Light ray free texture

A great free large scale furistic light ray texture set. The texture contains 1 texture in 2 different colours with each texture 2500px by 2500px. This is a great texture we enjoyed creating, and hope you using across your design projects.

The ultimate Star wars fan art design illustration

With the release of the final Star Wars to conclude the saga, It would be rude to create a blog post on star wars. This is a design inspiration post to showcase some amazing star wars fan art, which has been designed by a range of designers. There’s some jaw dropping illustrations, which will certainly fuel your creativity, as well being great artwork to look at and appropriate.

How to create character illustration using illustrator

In this tutorial I’ll teach you how to draw a funny insurance agent using just basic shapes and pen tool. Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is advised.

Watercolor splatters free texture set

A large scale watercolour splatter free texture set, which comes in two color schemes to choose from to use in your artwork. This a great free texture we are really pleased to add to our library of free textures we have available on Creative Nerds. It’s a high resolution size suitable for both print and digital design.

50 free creative process vector icon pack

This is a a great collection of icons, which all follow a theme of tools which you would use as part of the creative process whether your designing a  website applications or producing a print design brochure. The icon set includes a broad range of icons from a camera icon to an RGB icon. There’s 50 icons in the set three variation of each icon totalling to 150 icons im total. Each icon comes in SVG and PNG format. The icon set is perfect to use in print design and digital design projects.

How to create a knockout text effect in photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial is in the form of a screencast where we will be showing you how to create a knockout text effect using Photoshop. The Photoshop tutorial is under 2 minuets long and really easy to follow along to great unique text effect.

Plaid seamless Photoshop and vector pattern

An authentic tartan plaid seamless vector pattern, which is perfect for applying to your design projects. The pattern comes in 4 unique colour schemes to choose from to use It comes as vector set in both EPS and AI vector file formats. The pattern is completely free to use in your personal and commercial design projects.

10 Amazing abstract object backgrounds free vector set

This is a great set of free abstract rendered 3D shaped backgrounds. The set includes 10 unique backgrounds to choose from to use in your design projects. Each background comes scaleable EPS and AI vector format, a swell as a hi-res JPG. This is a great free resource we highly recommend downloading and using in your design projects.

Squared mosaic seamless free vector pattern

A mosaic inspired style seamless vector pattern, which comes in four different colour schemes to choose from to use in your design projects. The pattern set, also comes in both an EPS and AI vector file format.  This is a great free pattern you’ll really enjoy using in design projects whether that be print or digital design.

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